5th Edition of the SiGMA Events

Half a decade running since the first expo was held back in 2014, SiGMA still continues to assert itself as the pioneering forum for all things iGaming in the modern day. With the list of attendees and speakers increasing on a yearly basis, besides drastically increasing in size, SiGMA has come to be the ideal hub for all innovations within the iGaming industry.

It's for this reason that any stakeholders in the gaming industry cannot miss out attending this year’s event. This article gives an overview of the expo, thus offering you valid reasons to attend.


The list of attendees at SiGMA keeps getting more prominent each year. The growth of the expo is best represented in the portfolio of the attendees with each passing year. This year’s attendance list of 12500+ comprises of seasoned gamers, gaming firms’ representatives and renowned market analysts.

Think of all the big names within gaming, because there are none you won't find among the attendee list. This goes to show just how reputable the SiGMA Expo has become and why it continues to gain the respect of gamers.

Schedule of the Event

The event this year changes from the previously-held two day expo, to a three-day convention. This is yet another confirmation of how the need arose to accommodate to the growing list of exhibitors and speakers. 200 speakers are slated to take to the stage this year, each presenting their own unique views on the future of the gaming industry.

The career convention for this year's event is being touted as an opportunity for attendees to meet with their future employees and/or employers. This segment is set to enable the proprietors of the gaming industry to tap into the most creative of talents.

With the adoption of blockchain taking centre stage in gaming discussions in recent years, it's most likely that the majority of talks will be centralized around this, as well as any relevant innovations which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the market.

With over 80 countries to be represented at the conference, this gives a fantastic opportunity to gamers from diverse backgrounds to network and learn from each others' experiences.

Why People Should Attend

Needless to say, there are a variety of reasons to attend this expo. After all, it's an event which gives its attendees the chance to display their innovations to the world of gaming, whilst standing a chance to strike new partnerships which could evolve within the industry.

The opportunity to learn from industry leaders and be mentored by them in a three-day event is another chance that not a single gamer in their right mind would want to miss out on. For the tech-savvy guys, this is the chance to test out the latest inventions and most creative innovations before the rest of the world gets a glimpse of them.

Affiliate tickets that grant you free passes are yet another incentive which will ensure you won't spend the end of November at home!

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10 Oct 2018

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