For the past couple of years, the terms Blockchain and Bitcoin have become increasingly popular. Those who know how these technologies can improve our lives, are confident that they'll revolutionize the world.

While being in the know of how the advancement in technology is a necessity in this day and age, there's still a small percentage of people who are still trying to grapple with the words Blockchain and Bitcoin, what these words mean and what their differences are. Fortunately, the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta 2018 has stepped in to enlighten people who'd like to find out more and/or build up on their already-existing knowledge.

Are Blockchain and Bitcoin the Same?

There are many misconceptions about these technologies and the conference will serve to address some of them. For starters, Blockchain refers to a decentralized system of ledgers which is, by its very design, immutable and trustworthy. One can think of Blockchain as a trusted notary, but one that is omnipresent. In a world where everything and everyone is registered on Blockchain, any change is automatically registered.

For example, when a house is sold, the blockchain will update its ledgers to show that the new owners of the house have replaced the old owners. Over time, it would be possible to see all the owners of that house from when it was built. Since the identical data is collected in thousands of ledgers across the world, it's practically impossible to enter fake information about the house's past or present owners.

Then there's the question of Bitcoin. In layman's terms, Bitcoin is a virtual currency which depends on Blockchain technology to operate. When someone transfers Bitcoin or most other virtual currencies - or to use a more suitable word - cryptocurrencies, to another person or a shop. This transfer is registered onto the ledgers, and in order for the registration to be accurate and valid, each Bitcoin has a unique identifier.

Why use Such Technology in iGaming?

One of the key factors which the iGaming sector as a whole depends on is transparency and fair play. If players felt that a game is rigged, they wouldn't play feel confident enough to play and invest their money in the specific casino.

Blockchain technology can be used to create Smart Contracts and other mechanisms to ensure that online casino games are fair. It can also be used to make payments faster, safer and quicker. In reality, the advantages of this technology within iGaming have only started to be explored.

About the Conference

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta will be held on the 23rd October 2018. It's being organized by Smile-Expo, and this event will mark the 50th event dedicated to Blockchain, by the same organizers.

Registration starts at 9.00 am, and the event is expected to last until 6.00 pm. The conference will be held at the seaside Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Golden Sands, Mellieha.

Apart from the extensive exhibition area, which is great for professional networking, the conference will include several local and international speakers. These speakers will exhaust a variety of interesting subjects. Topics include the opportunities of these technologies, compliance regulations and how to raise capital for start-up projects.

Anyone who is, or wishes to be part of the iGaming or Financial Services sectors should attend. They'll get a much better understanding of these technologies and will be able to prepare their businesses for upcoming opportunities.

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28 sep 2018

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