Grab the mosquito spray and watch your step, as The Jumanji Jungle is coming to a casino near you very soon!

That is right, thanks to the brilliant and innovative minds at Netent, once again you can delve into a fantastic movie themed slot game!

If you have seen the film, then you know how great this could turn out to be, as the scope for the design and features is absolutely amazing.

If you haven’t, then you need to check it, but the premise for the movie basically revolves around a magical board game that transports a jungle in to the world of the player, meaning lions, hunters and deadly mosquitoes are all on the cards!

They recently released a brand new and improved version, starring the biggest comedy stars around at the moment, such as Dwayne Johnson and Chris Rock, so you know it is great!

This time round the reverse happens and the players end up in the jungle and once again, it is another awesome movie and is doing fabulously well at the box office!

As such, as well as making the perfect premise for the game, it is also the perfect timing for Netent to release a slot machine version!

This slot will be perfect for all the avid movie goers and casino players alike to get involved in the Jumanji action for themselves and win some big bucks doing it too!

This is the latest in a long line of pop-culture based slots that NetEnt have produced!

Late last night year, they released the Planet of the Apes slot, inspired by the film franchise, and it was an absolutely fantastic game that got players enthralled!

It really broke the mould when it came to what a slot game can be and so, they have followed a similar tack this time and we can only hope that this is just as great!

You may also remember rock band influenced games like the Guns & Roses slot and the Motorhead lot, which also had awesome features and a great soundtracks which made them instant classics!

With all these games becoming massive success, it is only logical that they carry on this trend of games and we are sure it is going to be something special.

From what we have seen from Netent, each game surpasses its predecessors, so with all this considered, this is going to be one epic slot gaming adventure!

Speaking recently about the upcoming slot, Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt said,

“Being able to secure a deal for another high-profile title showcases the moves we’re making in diversifying our roster of games.”

“The original Jumanji movie, which debuted in 1995, remains a moviegoer favorite and continues to demonstrate its cross-generational appeal more than 20 years later! Also, with the recent release of the new film, the Jumanji brand is more popular than ever. We’re excited for the game launch in 2018”

As such, it looks as if they are super excited about the new launch too and also, that they haven’t stopped here with this concept of basing their games on cultural aspects.

This means that we have a lot to look forward to in 2018 from Netent.

The wait is almost over for the brand new Jumanji slot and we merely have to wait a couple more weeks, as the launch for the game is scheduled for the February 8th at 15:00, so stay tuned to your favorite casino for that!

In the meantime, you can play loads more of Netents best games at Spinland now!

24 Jan 2018

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