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Online Casinos in the USA itself, though few and far between, offer some truly inspiring bonuses and so do many online casinos from elsewhere in the world, which allow US players to deposit, withdraw and play through them.

On this page we will give you a list of our Top 10 USA Online Casinos, which we will update every month, with who can offer you THE Best Bonuses, and the top gaming experience!

We will also give you some useful information about Bonuses and Games and some helpful advice to help you to understand and legally manoeuvre the USA’s tricky online casino regulations.

Then, all you’ll have to do is go and get started on your exiting new online casino journey without a hitch!

How to find the safe online casinos in the USA

Currently there remains some inconsistency over the regulation of online gambling for residents of the USA.

The limited number of States that permit online gambling and the failure of federal legislation to be fully brought up to date without conflicting with States’ rights means that many feel uncertain about trying their luck in a digital casino.

But it doesn’t have to be that daunting if you bear in mind a few basic rules:

  • Do some basic research - make sure the online casino is established and registered to operate in your area. You should be able to find out through your local State Gambling Commission, or, by contacting the online casino itself, via their Live Chat or Call Centre facility.
  • Make sure you’re in one of the States that currently allows online gambling. These are currently New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Others are due to follow, including New York and New Hampshire but check with your local authorities if you’re not sure whether your State has gone all in.
  • Have a Visa or MasterCard ready for international use, to make your deposit. Whilst US banks are prohibited from making transfers to offshore gambling websites, there are no such restrictions on card payments. Winnings can be received by wire or by check courier with no problem. If you’re particularly tech-savvy, you could also use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.
  • Guard your personal details. Be wary about which devices you use to gamble online, make sure only you have access and try to avoid passwords and usernames being automatically stored. Also, remember to keep your antivirus updated!

Best Online Casino USA Games

Looking to play awesome Real Money Games?

With Play Real Money Casino, finding casinos, which cater to all of your online gaming needs, and offer THE best online casino game Bonuses, couldn’t be easier.

With literally hundreds of amazing online casino games to choose between it’s easy to see how a player could get overwhelmed, just by the sheer number of options available.

So, of course, we thought we’d give you a bit of a heads up and enlighten you about just a few of the US’s most popular casino games.

There are, as you most probably already know, a large number of categories.

Of these, many titles will fit into one of these categories: Video Slot Machines, Table Games, Lives Games, Video Poker, and, Specialty Games.

Top 3 Most Popular Online Casino Games in the USA Today

  1. Slot Machines or Video Slots

You may be surprised to hear that 70% of casino gaming revenues come from slot machines alone in the United States.

Despite sometimes having a ‘slightly’ lower expected return, players love Slots because they offer much more than many other games in terms of variety, entertainment value and because they require little to no tactical knowledge, they’re also super fun and easy to learn and play.

All these things and so much more go into making Video Slots THE most popular variety of game to be played in America today!

With a massive variety of themes, features, and yes payouts, Video Slots offer Free Spins and Bonus Games, Scatters and Wild Symbols, and awesome Interactive Videos!

Some licensed Slots even acquire permissions to feature aspects from movies, TV shows, video games, musical acts, comic books, or other elements from today’s popular culture. 

You may find that the more Classic 3-reel Slots have slightly fewer perks but that they also often offer the best payout rates.

Though if you’re looking for the biggest payouts then you’ll want to take a good look at the Progressive Jackpots.

These casino games carry MASSIVE lottery-sized jackpot payouts which can go way up into the millions!

This works because every time someone plays, and doesn’t win big, the progressive jackpot pot grows.

When a player wins the big prize jackpot, the game resets to the minimum amount and the whole process starts again.

  1. Poker

The second most popular online casino game in the USA is Poker.

This classic game of tactical skill, mixed with a little bit of good luck is popular across the globe.

Though part of Poker’s popularity in the USA ‘might’ be down to the fact that the law allows Poker to be played legally in more places, it is also a total classic of a casino game with masses of room for excitement, fun and you can make some very tasty real money wins too!

  1. Blackjack

The third most popular online casino game in the USA is another total classic, Blackjack. 

In Blackjack, to achieve optimal results, you’ll need to learn a least a bit of the basic strategy.

This is partly due to the fact that every variant of blackjack has its own recommended basic strategy.

With minimal effort though, you too can thoroughly enjoy playing this fantastic staple of the casino world.

There are of course many other kinds of online casino game to play, we only highlighted the three which have been most popular throughout 2017 and who knows what games will take the top three slots in 2018.

With fantastic and thrilling games like Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Keno and many, many more to choose between, the results will be largely down to your choice!

Online Casino USA Real Money Bonuses an Overview

Don’t worry about wanting to cut to the chase, all of the wisest casino players learn fast to take advantage of the wonder filled and abundant ‘Sign-up’ or ‘Welcome Bonuses’ which online casinos have on offer.

There are many other verities of bonus to choose from too.

All of the online casinos which we’ve listed above offer you a tasty real money bonus treat of one kind or another when you sign up with them but there’s more too!

Read on below for an overview of the best real money online casino bonuses and what they actually mean:

  1. The Welcome Bonus:

Also known as the Sign-up Bonus or Deposit Bonus, this is basically free promotional money, which online casinos offers to new players who sign up at their casino site.

This creates a tasty incentive for them to try out their casino before anyone else’s.

Cash Match Deposit Bonuses, which can range massively in value, are given to players as a percentage on top of their first deposit, or, in many cases on top of the first three or four deposits they make.

To get the best bang for your buck, you want to keep an eye out for online casino’s offering a nice big juicy Cash Match Deposit Bonus (or bonuses), as well as low wagering requirements.

If you can use your bonus on a good choice of great games too, then you’re on to a real winner!

  1. The No Deposit Bonus:

These Bonuses are very sought after and much rarer.


Well, for the simple reason that a No Deposit Bonus, does what the name suggests, and you can get hold of a nice little Bonus, just for signing up!

On occasion, you may get one for following some other given instruction.

Either way, it’s a Bonus that you get, without actually having to deposit any of your own cash.

These generally tend to be a little more on the humble side, commonly ranging between $5 and $50.

Some casinos will offer more though, sometimes even substantially more, if you’re prepared to search for them.

  1. The Reload Bonus:

The job of a Reload Bonus is quite a simple one.

This Bonus rewards casinos most loyal players, to them these are the ones who continue to play and make deposits with them.

Instead of making an initial deposit, the player gets gifted with a Reload of cash into their account.

  1. The Game-Specific Bonus:

The Game-Specific Bonus, as the name implies, is only connected to or get-able by playing a particular set game or variety of game.

It could be restricted to Video Slots, Table Games, Video Poker or possibly some other game.

In an ideal world, the Game-Specific Bonus everyone wants to get their hands on, has low wagering requirements and is attached to a specific game which they/you actually like.

States that allow Online Gambling in the USA Today

As we’ve already mentioned, US based online casino players are legally allowed to gamble within the Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania State boundaries.

There are three bodies that licence and oversee online gambling in those jurisdictions.

Covering New Jersey and Delaware is the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

In 2017 the Commission’s online gambling division was established to license sites and enable those living within the New Jersey and Delaware States to legally place online bets.

Meanwhile, over in Nevada a similar organisation, the Nevada Gaming Commission, also facilitates licensing for various online gaming websites.

Over in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board provides a similar service in the East of the country.

It is important to remember that whilst these organisations could be viewed as providing hurdles for the top online USA casinos and gamers alike, they also maintain well-regulated and fair industry practices, with the protection of players at their heart.

Their success, at developing the online casino USA market, also paves the way for those States taking steps to introduce online gambling in their jurisdictions and those who offer the best practice experience to draw from as the industry continues to spread and develop.

USA Regulations

As we enter 2018 only four states in the USA allow online casinos for US players. 

Previously interstate betting on sports was outlawed under the Federal Wire Act of 1961, however it failed to address other types of gambling and led to numerous court cases.

This ambiguity was carried forward by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) which, although not specifically banning online gambling, did criminalise financial transactions arising from online gambling services.

This resulted in a number of offshore gambling sites shutting down access to US customers.

However, a number of reputable sites continue to be open for legitimate business and ensure that they have online casinos that accept US players playing from either Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

At present the only threat to online casinos for USA players is the possible Restoration of America’s ‘Wire Bill’ which has been floating around in congress since 2015.

Drafted with the intention of bringing the 1961 Act up to date, the Bill would not target individual players but the online casinos themselves and could effectively halt online gambling in the USA.

However, despite a number of attempts since 2015 to get the Bill passed, Congress has so far seen fit to reject this attempt to assert federal control over those states who have decided to allow online casinos.

The Future of Online Casinos in the USA

‘’We should all pay attention to the future, as this is where we will spend the rest of our lives’’ and how we spend those moments is changing too.

As well as the traditional methods for placing bets or receiving winnings, Cryptocurrency gambling is becoming more common across some of the best online USA casinos these days.

Whether it is the well-established Bitcoin, or, one of its daughters such as Ether, Lite or FunCoins, cryptocurrencies are becoming ubiquitous and the demand for their acceptance is shaping the options offered by online casinos for US players.

Other promising news comes in the form of additional states in the USA looking to allow access to online casinos.

New York has been moving in this direction since 2013 and seems set to review its online poker bill in 2018, and marks a concerted effort by more States to legalise online gambling.

In 2017 New Hampshire legislated to allow participation in online lotteries, whilst Michigan and Illinois have also been moving closer to opening doors to new online casinos for the USA.


All in all, we hope that we have highlighted the fact that playing online casino USA can still be a rich and rewarding past time, even with the USA’s sometimes tricky regulations.

Yes, there are things to be aware of and rules to follow, but if you take those things into account then you too can enjoy this wonder filled past time and maybe even rake in some of those tasty real money wins!

Head over to one of our listed, safe, and highly exciting online casinos today, sign-up, and, as long as you do things properly, you could be rolling in bonuses in no time!

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