is casino and entertainment affiliate website and should not be accessed by anyone below the age of 18. Cookies are used on our site to ensure it runs smoothly and provides the best experience as possible to our visitors. Our Cookie & Privacy Policy, including the information we collect and how it is used, will be defined and explained in detail hereunder:

Non-Personal Information

To gather a better knowledge of the people who come to our site, we implement the use of cookies. This data is non-personal and cannot be used to identify the person who visits the site. It may include things such as your location, the time zone and the device you are using. We use Google Analytics and Hot Jar to monitor who and how our site is being used,

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are a method in which our site can improve your experience by keeping track of your interests and preferences on site. Essentially, they are merely a text file that will record your information while you browse.

At we will collect non-personal information like explained above, most notably, your browser, the page you visited, the time you visited and how long for.

You can opt to turn off cookies if you like but it might affect how the website functions.  If you do accept cookies then you allow us to process your date for the above reasons.

We will never pass your information to any third party.

Types of Cookies

There are various types of cookie that need to be accepted in order to start using our service. There are three types of cookies that need to be accepted, they are:

Session Cookies

These are used when you are browsing our site. They are needed to ensure that Playrealmoneycasino can work to the optimum level and will be removed when you close your browser. You can choose not to accept these cookies, but it is likely to hamper your overall experience.

Functional Cookies

These will save your preferences on our site s that you will receive a more tailored experience on our site. When you return to our site these will be remembered so that you receive the right service for you.

Analytical Cookies  

These are made up of non-personal information about our site that is collected from all visitors to our site. These allow us to know about website trends from our visitors so that we can improve the overall experience and diagnose technical issues. This information cannot identify a person.

We use Google Analytics and you can opt-out here.

We use Hotjar for analytics and you can opt-out here.

How can you manage your cookie settings?

The majority of internet browsers let you manage your cookie preferences. You can find options to decline or even remove some cookies within the your browser settings. Understand, however, that if you select to block cookies, your experience browsing could be negatively affected. If you would like to find out more useful information and more about how to manage cookies, click here

Personal Information- Communities

At Playrealmoneycasino if you sign up to be part of our community and have opted in to receive updates, we will collect information that includes your name, email, address, phone number etc, which we use so that we can contact you.

Direct Marketing - Contact information

We will occasionally send newsletters and other promotional content to users who have supplied us with an email address. Unless you have specifically asked us to supply you with this information you will not receive it. If you have requested this information but no longer want to receive it, you can unsubscribe at any time as we provide unsubscribe links at the bottom of all our communications.

Changes to Our Cookie & Privacy Policy

Every now and then our Cookie and Privacy Policy may change. In this case, we will update this page accordingly. However, rest assured we will never share cookies to any third parties for any reason and the information we have is used solely for the reason stated above. 

Updated: 16th October 2018

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